Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kuala Selangalor (Monkeys)

Our next trip was to Kuala Selangalor, famous for its friendly monkeys! It was quite a surreal experience, your used to seeing them on T.V. but up close and on your shoulder is not an everyday occurrence, (unless you live there.)
You wind your way up to the top of a hill on a tractor train where the monkeys will all be waiting. They're ridiculously tame, provided you have food of course! There's a few guys selling beans and nuts for you to feed them with and as soon as you've got some food they'll be all over you.
It was after seeing the monkeys that I experienced my first tropical down pore, Kuala Lumpur stylee! Luckily we were sat in a restaurant by then but bloody hell was it impressive! Thunder like i've never heard and enough rain to fill the Sahara!

After some grub and a monsoon we went a few miles up the road to see the Fireflies at Kampung Kuantan. It may sound a bit boring but it was really cool. You got a little boat which was rowed out down the river. (like they do in venice, minus the love songs) All along the river banks you could see the dazzling fireflies glowing, it was so tranquil and peaceful. I couldn't take any photo's of them for obvious reasons but the one of the couple are my lovely host's here in Kuala Lumpur, Clo and Jo.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lake Garden Bird Park

First up was the Lake Garden Bird Park, which is the largest free flying bird Avery in the world. It was beautifully impressive with a huge variety of birds to see in a dramatically tropical environment only a couple of miles away from towering skyscrapers. There were also a few wild monkeys around, so got a few pics of them too. Naomi, Clo and Jo's daughter was over as well, she's the other person in the pics.

My First Blog

The first blog of my travels, well, actually my first ever blog. I'm writing this in the comfort of a luxury condo on my new mini HP laptop in Kuala Lumpur. Not the average start to a backpacking holiday around the world I know, but it's not what you know, it's who you know!
Well, the people I know are Clo and Jo, family friends who moved out to Kuala Lumpur back in September 09. So I've had a very warm welcome from them and to be honest I've been spoilt rotten, not that I'm complaining!

The journey here was a long and tiring experience; door to door it took over 40 hours! Having done that I was soon immersed in none stop activities...